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Leaky Taps

Leaky Tap - Kennedy Plumbing and Gas

Here at Kennedy Plumbing & Gas we will get your leaky taps fixed as fast and efficiently as possible, whilst trying to ensure minimum cost. Located in and servicing all of Canberra for any of your leaking problems or queries.

Leaky taps can be extremely frustrating, especially at night when you are trying to sleep and all you can hear is that constant drip. There are many reasons as to why your tap set or breech may be leaking and if left too long, can also become a costly fix. Leaving a tap leaking over a short period of time can cause major damage to the internals of your walls as well as under your floor. Soft rotten timber from water damage is a known attraction for termites and once termites are present, they are extremely hard and expensive to get rid of. Mould and rotting of your frames and flooring is another serious cause for concern. Not only can mould make you extremely sick, it can also lead to death in some instances.

What causes leaking taps?

  • Severe crack in the breech
  • Body washer is worn
  • Worn or incorrect valve seat
  • Wear and tear of the tap washers ( o-rings etc)
  • Bad cartridge
  • Excess pressure in the pipes

There are different places where you can find excess damage from over use when it comes to tap sets and breeches. Frequent maintenance will prevent this from happening, but in some cases, it is unavoidable.

How to notice a Leaking Tap or Breech

Noticing a leaky tap majority of the time can be quite easy. Constant dripping and excess water bills are normally a dead give away, but in some circumstances, you cannot actually see where or why the leak is occurring. Examples of these are below :

  • Constant dripping from a shower head, bath spout, basin spout or outside tap is usually one of two issues ;
    1. Worn or cracked seats – Worn seats sometimes just need resurfacing, but in some circumstances will need a new stainless steel seat installed where a crack has appeared in the breech seat over time. In more serious cases, the breech may need to be replaced.
    2. Washers – Depending on the client, different varieties of washers can be used depending on experience and knowledge.
  • Body washers which are worn are another cause for concern. They will leak water into your walls if not tightened properly, or are worn away and not replaced before re-installing. This is why you should also use a licensed plumber as they will have the correct tap spanner set to tighten your spindle appropriately and will also check before re-installing tap bonnet, flange and handle.
  • O-rings which are worn are noticeable when you initially turn on your tap set. It will normally leak down the body of the spindle but once again can leak behind the wall causing internal damage.

All these issues for an experienced plumber are an easy fix majority of the time. If you have a leaky tap and are located in Canberra or surrounding areas, please do not hesitate to call us today.